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AzMN was founded in June 2004 by Barbara B. Kavanagh. Our mission is to promote awareness, education and advocacy for improved treatment and quality of life, for multiple myeloma and all cancer patients, their families and caregivers.  AzMN is a nonprofit charity (501)(c)(3) organization that conducts live and interactive Educational programs for all cancer patients, their families and caregivers, with special consideration for the underserved.

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Office: 623-466-6246  I Fax: 623-251-4581

E-mail: admin@azmyelomanetwork.org

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Why Participate?
“We believe no cancer patient or their caregivers should have to pay to learn about the disease and how to care for themselves for the best patient outcomes“, said Barbara Kavanagh, Pres and CEO AzMN.

When cancer invades the home suddenly everyone; family, friends and neighbors become caregivers for the cancer patient. Let’s help them cope and embrace their new role with confidence for their own health and the wellbeing of the cancer patient they care for.

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